Visual, Performance and Literary artists all in one place:  The WAV
Working Artists Ventura
more to come
ArtWalk Ventura 2019  
music & entertainment schedule
  Park and ride free to all venues 11a-7p, from concert to parking until 9 pm

VCMuseum: Deniz Nicole art installation
    “     NAMBA 11-7 spoken word, performances, Dina Pielaet’s “Rise”
    “.    Crown Plaza various
    “.    Fox Fine Jewelry: Mary Gail King, Gerald Zwers paint off & more
    “     WAV: various & Ritchie Bughatti keyboard/piano
     “     Vita Art Center various
    “     Art City: various
    “.    Bell Arts: DJ through the day

     Art City: Rachel Sedacca
     WAV 12-3p: Donald Sommerfield, Frances Spencer, Sam Harley spoken word

     Art City: Ventura College Woodwind Ensemble
     Very Ventura gallery & gifts: Marley Lovelace
    BAA: Shakespeare with Joseph Fuqua

     Art City: Mya Lumen guitar
     Bell Arts: James Baker
    BAA: Marley Lovelace
     Fox Fine Jewelry: Rachel Sedacca

     Art City: James Baker
     Fox Fine Jewelry: Shakespeare with Joseph Fuqua
     WAV: Diane Ippel hammered dulcimer

     Cuppa Joe/john White ( outside  ): James Baker
    Pacific Wonderland: Mystos
    Vita Art Center: Rachel Sedacca
    WAV: Michelle Nosco with Evelyn Watley violin,
     WAV:     “.            “.     With Marley Lovelace
4:40     WAV: Shakespeare with Joseph Fuqua

     WAV: Bill Jeralds    5:30 & friends

WAV: FREE ArtWalk Concert & beer/wine garden WAV cafe
6pm     Bardi Group
7 pm     Burton Lang Trio
8-9:30 dance to Fish Fry
Shuttle bus Returns to parking at museum & downtown parking until 9 pm
See for complete schedule of events and locations for all venues